Privacy Policy

The platform works in harmony with all applicable legal practices, legal warnings and similar legal tools in order to protect members individual information.


All transactions on the platform will take place in accordance with the rights of its members.


All transactions in the platform will be carried out in a honest and transparent manner.


All activities are within the scope of a legal purpose.


is complete and up-to-date.


The data is protected securely and any individual information will not be held for more than its purpose.


guarantees that the individual information can be used for marketing purposes with the given permission.


may share the personal information of the members who registered on the platform if it is requested under the legal authority and / or applicable laws. members agree that team may share individual data with third parties in the event of suspicious activities that may be related to fraud. reserves the right to share the personal information of the members whose suspicious account activities have been identified with the authorized legal entities.




The platform reserves the right to use any personal information of its members for the purpose of providing Customer Support. The said personal information is used for marketing purposes only.


members have the right to access their individual data and / or to correct (if wrong).


For more inquiries and questions about information confidentiality and principles, please contact .com" target="_blank">[email protected].com.




The platform uses cookies on the platform in order to automatically remember the chosen language in the platform when the site is re-visited.

In cases where the bonus apply must be approved by the members of .

For web analytics and doing statistical studies in this regards.


Members cannot benefit from the services offered by the site without allowing cookies. For more information about cookies used by please contact us at .com" target="_blank">[email protected].com.


The platform reserves the right to retain for at least 10 years the individual data of the members who have closed their account in the site and any records of the financial transactions performed in the account for any reason. After registering to the platform, the accounts of the members whose account has not taken place can be deleted. Only employees have the right to access personal information.